Life and Knife !!!

A knife will turn blunt after being used for several times. It needs to be resharpened in order to be in use again. What happen when the knife refuses to be resharpened? It can’t be in use and become trash, unusable, blunt, and rust.

Life is also need to be resharpened. People in this world meet variety of problems, when difficulties approach do not panic, give up, or stress. We can’t control life as smooth as we want. Some life trials will happen to sharpen you. We are allow to be sad and hurt but not for a long time. It is very normal when we feel upset as a human being. It means you have the mankind as the God’s creatures.

The knife needs to be resharpened so do you, face the problems, learn from it and analyze. It is no use thinking over a problem which we don’t try to get over it. Can you imagine when life is as smooth as you wish? Will you learn anything in life? Nothing !!!

Problems make us become greater than what we think we can’t. You will not easily down and lost your track, but you will become wiser, more successful and happier. When you can conquer the problems, your life is more meaningful and you are sharpen.

Remember, do not refuse to be sharpened!!!

My best regards from here 🙂

Honesty is good “YES” but not ALWAYS

Life !!! What’s on your mind when you hear the word “life”? How many years have you been in this life? And what have you learn?. Life is the greatest gift from God, it fills by uncountable human beings, living animals, and plants.

In this era, high technologies and well manners are very in need. People compete to be the best, the wisest, and the strongest. We do need honesty to gain trust. People build connections as many as they can.

As the proverb says : ” Honesty is the best policy”!!! Yes, it is. But here i want to tell that honesty is not always good. Why? When you don’t eat the flesh of tigers, it doesn’t mean that tigers won’t eat you. The same here, when you try to be honest and open to everyone, it doesn’t mean that people will also do the same like you. While you keep telling your stories, and others are listening. A luck if you tell to the wise people, but when you don’t you might get into some troubles, really. You won’t know how others think about your honesty. You won’t know how people can manipulate about yourself. You do need to have your own privacy.

I am not telling you to be dishonest, you still need to be honest but be cautious. You don’t need to be honest all about yourself to everyone. Not all the people will value your honesty, perhaps they will laugh at your stupidity while you try to be honest to tell your mistakes. You need to differentiate what is matter to talk and how you keep yourself secure. You don’t need to lie but also don’t need to be so honest to everyone. You must choose wisely who you are talking to and what you are talking about.

People are growing smarter and more, we all need to learn. I am not asking you to be a liar, but you need to choose what to talk when necessary and what you don’t need to talk. Let’s learn smarter!!!



Mistakes !!!

Have you ever done a mistake? I’m pretty sure everyone had. People hate mistakes, afraid of and they will cover up themselves with anything to keep them in a good track. People care for their reputations, care of what other people judge them so they act prettily behind the ugly truth of what they have done.

In life, we do make mistakes whether by purpose or not. The problem is “will it okay for yourself?” Will you forgive yourself? What is fault is fault, we can’t make any excuses to cover the mistakes up. Ask yourself why you let the mistakes happen? Here are some things you need to do when mistakes happen:

  • Admit to yourself.
  • Truly ask forgiveness from God, pray that you won’t repeat the mistakes, pray that God will lead you to the right path and pass the life tests.
  • Do not blame others, you were not born yesterday so do not anyhow blame your own mistake to others.
  • Take your responsible. It sounds charming but it won’t be easy.
  • Learn from mistakes.
  • Analyze why the mistake happen, know your weaknesses.
  • You must forgive yourself.


It’s Sunday morning here 19/11/2017, send my warmest hello from here. Welcoming to my blog. Hopefully can bring useful things and share good articles to the world.