I have read many inspiring books, watched many motivational short videos and also personal’s observation. It always advises that do not expect return when you do kindness. Keep going on doing kindness. Give a hundred percent from you and never expect it back. Easy said !!!

You may be hurt, dear !!! A stabbed back, bethrayal, and fakeness are not cool to bear. Do not get yourself into that situation. You may keep building your kindness, you may ask for no return but Add WISDOM In it. Add wisdom into your kindness. Not all people deserve your kindness!!! Go on if you want to fool and hurt yourself and called it a hero like the movie.

Humans are great story tellers, smart people are more than good people. Differentiate it. It is good to be smart but not cunning. When you add wisdom in your kindness, you will help those who really needs help, and not waste your kindness into people who don’t deserve it. Your kindness will be much more valuable and hit the point.

Life ups and downs,we can’t know what is next? Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we meet hard circumstances. All we need to do is do not stop to live the life. But when God has given you precious mind to observe, be rational and logical. Add wisdom into your kindness and you will see the differences.

Can you hear my heart, mom?

You born me this way, the strong perfectionist pervert. You never too worry about me, you know and trust me well. It has made me purposely intend to catch your attention by little action.

I blamed you when you were late sending me to school because of your laundry. I blamed you not coming first to receive my school report when i was the first but you let dad to attend my lil sis and bro school first. I blamed you when you always stand up for my lil brother although he was disturbing me study. I even fasting for a protest!!! I blamed you not permitting me to attend english debate competition then i still forced to join without your permission. I blamed you not to support me when i got the scholarship to Jakarta. All i knew that time was to blame you.

I was busying study and doing my part time job and neglect you a lot. When i was home,you have slept. Till, when i found you were in serious illness. I was blank, doing nothing,unable and think of a suicide. That was too fast, not a month then you were gone. I was 18years old that time. You left me a message “take care of your lil bro and let him finish his school”.

I grew up, married, and being someone’s mom. It was too late for me to understand, to thank you, to repay you, to make you happy. I am able now but you have already gone. I was given a real good sharp memory that i remembered every single moment like a slide of film. Pops up and kills me every year when i pay a visit to you. Our dad birthday is your cremation day. It kills me a lot again.

Sometimes i talk to you in my heart at your altar, i miss you in my mind and heart that i want to tell you everything everyday. I want you to see that we are doing all good. May you rest in peace until the day when we reunion again. Can you hear my heart, mom? I thank you for ever being my mom.

Between Hard Work and Greedy

I had been confused between the word “hard work” and “greedy” for quite a while. Then i doubt myself, do i being categorized as a greedy when i never stop working and i do several business? Anything as long as “the right money from the right way( don’t break the Law and God)” and not crushing my main business i will grab when the chance come by.

I asked some olders about that and one of them said: “greedy is when you being controlled by money. You will do anything without concern to achieve money. You used money as a power,you settled everything even when you are wrong with money not by true wisdom and caused you obsessed by money but when you really need the money, you don’t willing to use it”. Keep collecting and unwillimg to spend even for yourself!!!

While hard work is you controlled the money, you manage the money. You know how to get and use it in the right way. How to devide for family, donation, and so on. Living expenses are getting higher year by year. If you keep sit still and doing nothing, how do you expect to get a better life? Hard work is okay but don’t be greedy and obsessed by money.

Before allowance there is something called choice

Have someone ever so bothered you and ruined your whole day just so complete? If yes, you need to read this. Human are good storytellers, when someone delivers a story, it is your choice to consider whether to believe it or not. You have the right to choose. Yes, if the story is true and how you react to it.

What’s the benefit if you mess up your day just by the small voices from the one you know he is just like that. No matter how mess, angry and even hurt those all never bring any positive benefits to you. It is you that allow all those negative things falling deep down to you.

You may think it is unfair,you didn’t did anything as the story being told, you are sad and furious then you want a fight back. The story never ends when you do so. There may be unpleasant voices but you have the right to choose not to allow them to mess up yourself. Before the allowance there is something called choice. Do not anyhow allow those unpleasant voices ruin your life.

Take the mistakes, learn from it and moving forward. Matter only what is important and positive for you to achieve…

Strong Personality

Building a strong personality in self is necessarry when you want to achieve success in life. Here are some strong personality requirements:

1. Admit own mistakes and learn better from the mistakes.

2. Strong personality sets target, focus , dare to face obstacles, hard work, never run out of brilliant ideas, observe, analyze and cautious.

3. Ignore bad voices, matters what is necessarry to achieve.

4. Hit the prime point, effective, logical, and reasonable.

5. Don’t play tricks on others.

6. They don’t hold grudges, jealousy, and revenge.

7. They forgive.

8. They support those who are in need and weak.

9. They don’t ask for return.

10. They never easily give up on life.

A ❤️ Letter To My Son

You were so little when you were born, i couldn’t forgot the look on your face. The purest gift from God for me to let me guide you become ready in life. What future will be for you? What life challenges you will have to face? And will you strong enough when i am not around?.

Sometimes you may get scold and even a hit, you never like it since you are too small to understand. That’s all are the stages where you will build your “character”. It is not just to getting smart but you need to become a wise and responsible gentleman in the future.

You have my blood in you, all my knowledge and skill will be delivered to you. All your mistakes are mine too.I can sense your maturity in your very young age. That’s a glad for me. My prayers for you in everyday life. I may not the best mom in the world, but will make sure you understand to live in balance. Happy birthday to YOU….

Value Seriously

An old saying says that “A man is known by the company he keeps”. Yes, old sayings are mostly true. Have you ever realized that every single cent you earn is not just from your own single effort? You may be smart, talented, hard working, fast, lucky, bless, etc but without Company and Customers then you are nothing, really. This time i will talk about Company + Customers = YOU. Those who speaks ill of their former companies actually create shame to themselves. You had ever supported your living from those former companies.

You have all the good points of a worker needs, you apply job to a almost bankrupt company and you have less customers, can you yourself with your all good points of a worker create anything big? No. Then what?

After you are in a prospective company, you need to value seriously on your customers, pay serious attention on them. Remember every single cent you earn from the company and customers. It is not just a simple greet of thank you can settle this kind of value. Regard these 2 are as important as yourself. And last just to remind in case you forgot to thank to your God no matter what religion you are, Your God is listening. Much or less you have earn, say your thanks to God in your every prayers before anything else.