Yin and Yang

I am not a taoism follower actually but this yin and yang symbol has greatly catch my attention. We can see a black dot inside the white and a white dot inside the black. I knew this symbol since i was a child but didn’t really care or curious about what the meaning of it.

Until one day i realized, it means nobody is perfect. Even in the white has the black dot and not all the black is bad, it has a small white dot in it. Do you get it? Not every good ones are good, they have the bad side and also the bad has the good side.

Nowadays, everyone tries to be good. We speak, act, and behave as good as possible. No ones want to let others see the bad side of themselves. When you try to be real and kind to people and you don’t ask for any return but late after that you realize that they receive your goodness to fool you.

The greediness, the grudges, and the egoism have grown that deep and big. The truth always brings sadness. No matter how many achievements you have, how happy you live the life but still when the real truth of life is reveal ,the sadness come. Sometimes, you really don’t know what else to be sad or hurt? It is very easy to become bad, a blink of eye. But to be a real good human, it is hard.

You will get test after test in life. While in the test, you will have varieties of thought. How about i give up to being a good human being? Or i just pretend not knowing things which happen?.

Seeing back the yin and yang symbol,you will understand that not everyone are real good and not every bad people are real bad. It is why i name this blog into Balancing Life. Get the balance and live well, when it turns harder, help yourself with prayer to the God as your religion teaches. You may sad for a while but don’t do it long. Be wise and keep the live balance.

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A person who sees life deep inside, the ugly truths of human beings, want to learn a lot, life balancing is the goal. The older i get, the deeper i am.

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