Know Your Own Weakness

Who else in this world know you more than yourself? Yes, it is YOU!!! It is important to know what is our own weaknesses where sometimes we just too focus on our strengthness and neglect the weaknesses where it might be a “fatal point”.

Dare to deep analyze yourself, remind and repeat, ask yourself what is your weakness? How? You can start to rewind from past mistakes and failures. Then what?

After you get some of your weaknesses, you need to start correct it, evaluate, or when needed just throw away and leave it. Do not let your laziness overcome your weaknesses, that will overdose yourself to get down more to it. Smile and say goodbye to them.

More if, we have known clearly our own weaknesses and still allow them to be in us, grow and lasting. Stay far away from weaknesses before somebody else notices and fail you in the battle of your life. Be alert and cautious!!!. Nobody can help you if you don’t help yourself.

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A person who sees life deep inside, the ugly truths of human beings, want to learn a lot, life balancing is the goal. The older i get, the deeper i am.

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