A ❤️ Letter To My Son

You were so little when you were born, i couldn’t forgot the look on your face. The purest gift from God for me to let me guide you become ready in life. What future will be for you? What life challenges you will have to face? And will you strong enough when i am not around?.

Sometimes you may get scold and even a hit, you never like it since you are too small to understand. That’s all are the stages where you will build your “character”. It is not just to getting smart but you need to become a wise and responsible gentleman in the future.

You have my blood in you, all my knowledge and skill will be delivered to you. All your mistakes are mine too.I can sense your maturity in your very young age. That’s a glad for me. My prayers for you in everyday life. I may not the best mom in the world, but will make sure you understand to live in balance. Happy birthday to YOU….

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A person who sees life deep inside, the ugly truths of human beings, want to learn a lot, life balancing is the goal. The older i get, the deeper i am.

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