Drink your own healing self antidote

Literally I have a lot of friends, men and women in any ages. Too many of them, sometimes i even want to hide myself not to being seen from people to prevent unnecessary talks. Friends from childhood, schools, college, work fields and society. Positively those are great for my career, i have a lot of connections. That makes no difficulties for me in any kind of job fields.

The past me, i left my house work, my family behind my friends. I joined every invitation from friends, had fun and laughed together. Easily trust on friends without firm consideration or be cautious to them.

Years passed, i grew up and went through a lot of hard times, long before i entered the work fields actually the politic has happened at school times.When everyone said no, i didn’t study at all for the exam, not even opened the book. I said i studied very hard in tears day and night without a pause. But when the exam result was being announced. Everyone got above 80, no study then it’s miracle or luck? The politic which contradict with me has already happened that time where i didn’t realize it.

Then i entered the work field, many other politics follow. The politics happen not just between competitors, in every aspect of life even in love life. Then i asked myself, do you still unwilling to give up? Do you still want to hold a little believe that there are still good people? Be friends, sharing life moments and trust? Do you?

Think it over, have i done anything bad purposely to those people who want me to fall? I treated everyone the same and true, without hoping a repay. Funnier when some of them don’t actually know who you are, but hearing from nowhere then follow to dislike you. Stop being naive!!!

When i was 23, i worked as a frontliner of o a bank. Then i saw an old man about 70-80 perhaps. He always comes alone without companion and does everything himself. I was very simphatized to him that time. My coworkers said that old man doesn’t believe to anyone. He is like that, don’t be surprised.

I am 31 years old by now and i understand why the old man always alone without companion and does everything alone. I am just like him now, i smiled when i recalled back about the old man. I have build a strong and brave independent me and thank goodness that i have the strong self healing power

By the time you decide to be better, success, and great, you need to be ready physically and mentally at all time for what you might meet and face, who you will eliminate in your life for your own peace. When you find out negative people around, don’t doubt to cut the relationship off. If, you can’t cut due to some reasons, at least you make your distance from them. Be cautious and alert.

You may be sad, cry and hurt but don’t do it for long. Heal yourself and talk your problem with God not to human beings. He will listen and give you the wise justice.

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A person who sees life deep inside, the ugly truths of human beings, want to learn a lot, life balancing is the goal. The older i get, the deeper i am.

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