The Gratitude

The only form of gratitude as a worker or i called it a business partner where we gain better income to support our living is to give the best result for the company. What is best result?

Concerning the safety growth for the company in long term, it is not just to aim target to receive the reward and you can anyhow hide anything dangerous for the company. As a worker or business partner, who also receive goodness from the company, we should repay our company by concerning what business you bring to the company. Is it risk or not? Will it cause the company a loss? Prepare the real information is our responsibility to prevent company from loss.

Besides the company, the trust that we receive from our customers is also a priority. We are in between the company and customers urgencies. We should be able to concern both of them. If there are only company and workers without customers, the business will not happen.

When the company is more concerning about safety, without giving unhealthy return to compete with newbies competitors, you should be glad. Your company is safer than you think.

The competitive work fields are good with a healthy compete and positive supportive condition. The direct positive responses and little attention for better work are being noticed and those are workers great gratitute.

The only reply is to work harder seriously without giving up easily. Just that and the gratitude.

Thank you.

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A person who sees life deep inside, the ugly truths of human beings, want to learn a lot, life balancing is the goal. The older i get, the deeper i am.

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